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You are a coffee beans farmer. Your aim is to collect as many beans as possible and sell them within the allotted time. Harvesting beans costs you energy, which you can replenish by brewing your own coffee, but be careful! Drink too much coffee, and you'll have an overdose and won't be able to move for a while.

This is a really simple game written in a week as a challenge and means to expand my personal Unity3D portfolio, with focus on game code. As such, the assets are quite... abstract, and the screen layout leaves a lot to be desired.

The code can be viewed on GitHub: https://github.com/gitScald/CoffeeHarvest

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Published16 days ago
StatusOn hold
Tags2D, coffee
Player countSingleplayer

Install instructions

Download and unzip the archive, then double-click on the executable.


CoffeeHarvest.zip (17 MB)