A downloadable game for Windows

McGame Jam 2017 Submission - Best Pals (Team #11)

Game description:

Reach the exit without being caught by the guards. If you are spotted, hide in a safe zone until the guards leave.


  • [WASD] or Arrow Keys - Move
  • [SHIFT] - Sprint


  • Chun Hei Chu (Programmer)
  • Vincent Gauthier (Programmer)
  • Benjamin Vial (Programmer)
  • Sébastien Néron (Programmer & Artist)
  • Lucas Poirier-Bugnon (Musician & Artist)
  • Jacqueline Luo (Main Artist)

Press Start 2P Font

Install instructions

Unzip the downloaded archive and double-click on the executable.


Illegal Immigration Sim.zip 12 MB